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ArtMtl organizes throughout the year collective exhibitions all over Montreal. These exhibitions are intended to promote Quebecers talent and help artists gain visibility.

Next Exhibition: Hiver Frivole, January 29 to February 29, 2015
Visual Arts exhibition; Painting, Photography and sculpture

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Couleurs jazzées, October 18 to November 18, 2014
Autumn is here. He brings us his palette of warm colors. This is the time of year during which the tones and shades change with the light of day. They come and go in the hot still of a summer dresseing up as Harlequin bedecked as the haunting notes of a Jazz music. This kind of music makes us feeling emotions of a summer that no one wants disappear. Painting these warm, vibrant, and hidden emotions, to a palette of infinite colors explode will be our aim. The artists' works will therefore be put in the soft, warm autumn light of this exhibition.
- Virtual tour of the exhibition "Couleurs jazzées"

"Couleurs jazzées " exhibition video

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Peindre pour la vie - July 5, 2014
Painting for Life is a painting exhibition organized by ArtMtl held at Urban Body Studio on July 5, 2014. Each participating artist presented three paintings that describe a particular story that has touched or event that marked in his personality.

"Peindre pour la vie" exhibition video

Art et Entrepreunariat - April 17, 2014
At a time when personal balance is an increasingly sought value, the introduction of the art in business is now seen as a managerial tool. Employees spend almost seven to eight hours at their place of work to perform some repetitive or stressful tasks. In this context, the arrival of the art in the professional world can afford to escape and stimulate motivation or imagination. Art and Entrepreneurship is a visual art exhibition (painting - photography, sculpture and design) which was held at Centech (Center for Technological Entrepreneurship) in April 17, 2014.

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Un artiste, Une œuvre - March 10, 2014
An artist, a work is a visual art exhibition organized by ArtMtl held at ETS March 10, 2014. This exhibition was to encourage passionate visual arts community of ETS. Each participant exhibited a work that is at its best artistic work; photography, painting, sculpture, etc.

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