susanna oreskovic
Album Architecture of T
Publiée le 17 Mai 2017
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The Architecture of T is a photographic series of the urban expressways of Montreal.
I photographed them on my daily commute, before the Turcot interchange reconstruction activities began in 2016. I found the images of the elevated roadways to exemplify a majesty, an achievement, an ideal, and began to question what that ideal may be.

These urban expressways we navigate each day are held to a cathedral-like status and are built to serve our car culture. They hold lofty ideals, not only in that they tower over us but in their promise of a modern metropolis. We follow their directives. We are trapped by their sinewy ways. Commuting daily with them, taken for granted, we do not see what we have created. We have created this ‘Thing’ that both impacts detrimentally our natural world and keeps us imprisoned from it.